About us

Beyond Care uses Virtual Reality to break the boundaries of today’s healthcare. We conceptualize, develop and scientifically verify our applications in cooperation with professionals in the field, and explore opportunities for a wide range of health conditions. Our teams consist of Neuroscientists, Developers, Designers, and Analysts. 

Our team

We have a pool of 60 iOS / Android developers and 12 Unity developers.

  • Robert Director Concept

    Robert Overweg guides some of the most leading international companies in making the digital transformation, using design and technology as a catalyst for this change. Robert gives lectures, creates art, offers companies guidance in concept development, strategy and the execution of this.

  • Hannes Director Strategy

    Hannes van Raaij has lots of experience in productising healthcare applications, and sees a lot of potential for the use of Virtual Reality in healthcare settings. Hannes knows how to subtantiate good ideas, concepts, and designs into actions, and has a strong can-do mentality.

  • Anne Product Developer

    Anne Cuperus explores the added value of Virtual Reality, and looks into new ways of using it in medical healthcare. At Leiden University, he is involved in a PhD-project titled "Virtual reality techniques in psychological rehabilitation."

  • Maarten Product Developer

    Maarten Laken received his Master’s Degree in Neuropsychology at Utrecht University, and is now using his knowledge to close the gap between science and practice. Being tech-savvy also, Maarten sees opportunities on how to improve healthcare in realistic, utilizable ways.

Healthcare innovation in progress

Curious how VR could help your target audience, or have some ideas already? Feel free to drop us a line and we'll get in touch.

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