About us

Beyond Care uses technology to break the boundaries of today’s healthcare. We explore opportunities for a wide range of health conditions, and our apps are developed in cooperation with professionals in the field.

Our team

We have a pool of 60 iOS / Android developers and 12 Unity developers.

  • Robert Lead Strategy

    Robert Overweg guides some of the most leading international companies in making the digital transformation, using design and technology as a catalyst for this change. Robert gives lectures, creates art, and offers companies guidance in concept development and strategy.

  • Anne Lead Concept

    Anne Cuperus explores novel methods of applying technology in the field of healthcare, with a strong focus on the use of virtual reality techniques. As a psychologist and a researcher with experience in the IT industry, Anne has the ability to adopt different perspectives and approach problems in a holistic fashion.

Call for projects

Curious how technology could help your business, or have some ideas of your own? Feel free to drop us a line and we'll get in touch.

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