Virtual reality replays of sports performance: Effects onmemory, feeling of competence, and performance

Cuperus A.A. & Van der Ham I.J.M. (2016), Virtual reality replays of sports performance: Effects on memory, feeling of competence, and performance, Learning and Motivation 56: 48-52.

Memory can be altered after receipt of misleading information; the misinformation effectwas first studied almost 40 years ago. Later studies showed that suggestive informationcould even lead to the creation of new false memories in people. Whereas previous researchfocused primarily on false information about passively observed events, we aimed to inves-tigate whether memory for one’s own physical performance can be altered by means offalse, manipulated replays of these events in virtual reality, displayed from a first personviewpoint. We further explored the possibility of using the misinformation effect benefi-cially, by investigating whether it can affect feeling of competence, as well as subsequentsports performance. Participants (N = 27) took four series of shots at a goalpost on a soccerfield. Between these series, they were shown three different types of virtual reality replaysof their performance; one accurate representation of actual performance and two manip-ulated versions, one that made performance seem worse (negative manipulation) and onethat made performance seem better (positive manipulation). Participants rated their feelingof competence before and after each replay and rated how accurately the replay displayedtheir real-life shots at the goal. The manipulated replays were considered equally accuraterepresentations of actual performance as the non-manipulated ones. Also, the type of replaymanipulation positively correlated with feeling of competence but did not influence sportsperformance. The present study showed that memory for one’s own physical performancecan be altered by means of manipulated virtual reality replays and that this can be usedbeneficially.

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  • Virtual reality
  • Misinformation effect
  • False memories
  • Memory alteration
  • Feeling of competnece